Bats in the belfry

12 June - 19 June

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Whichever way you look at it,
it's it was a long time to be cut off from the outside world.

Did you know?

Did you know that there is a proven link between loneliness, depression and suicide?

What can we do?

Age UK

You can still help to make a difference for the 1 million older people who say they are always or often feel lonely.

Age UK aim to combat loneliness, provide advice, and enable independence for the older people in your life.

By sponsoring John Adcock today, you will be contributing to this effort. You still may not have an older person in your life. You still may not be an older person yet. But one day you definitely will be. And it may really could come around sooner than you think. You can't predict who will be there for you when you need someone. People die. People leave. People are needed elsewhere. Age UK are still there and will continue to be - as long as people like you and I can support them.

What is John doing has John done?

Bats in the Belfry

John is spending spent 7 days in isolation in the belfry of St. Remigius church, Long Clawson. In doing this he will experience has experienced what it is like to live cut off from the outside world.

John will eat, sleep, and spend ate, slept, and spent his days in the belfry. His food will be was delivered, but there will be were no other visitors. His companions will be were a book, a radio, and any spiders that are were living up there. Seconds will become minutes will become hours will become days It was a very long time, and John will be was constantly reminded of this by the incessant tick, tick, ticking of the clock.

The question is: will did he go bats in the belfry?

The answer: Of course not!

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All facts and figures taken from Age UK's Evidence Review: Loneliness in Later Life (July 2014)